Cultivating a Life of Peace – Pt. 1

Well y’all…just like Winter crept right back upon us, here I am BACK with the W.O.W. Blog!!!

So much has transpired since my last blog post, therefore it’s going to take me a little while (and a few posts) to catch y’all up! Let’s start with some of the more obvious stuff, like me being an Akron resident once again. Who knew, RIGHT?! I got back from the France tour and God said “Put it in PARK.” I was utterly confused, disappointed, heartbroken and angry…but I obeyed. It’s going on a year now and I can tell you without the least bit of doubt, that had I been ANYwhere else during the experiences of the last 12 months, I probably wouldn’t be in my right mind. I could very easily make this a book and tell y’all the whole story right now, but I fully realize that with Social Media being what it is today, attention spans ain’t what they used to be Child!! (Not to mention this is a four-part series, so I need to keep you saints coming back, Ya Heard?!)

So, I already told y’all we were going to be talking about peace, right? Well, in my preparation for this “Come Back” I made the decision to be VERY transparent. What I can tell you now, without giving too much away, is that my life has been void of peace for the last several years. Don’t get me wrong, all the skinnin’ n grinnin’ was real, but not as a reflection of peace.  Really, it was a constant awareness of His grace being sufficient and a “knowing” that what He had promised, He would SHO’NUFF do!!! One might ask, “Is that not peace?” and would quickly say, “Not in my book”. See, in the book of Mattie, my smile was sustained by what hymn writer Fanny Crosby called “Blessed Assurance”. Isn’t it strange that I could have this deep trust in God and His promises, but still be without peace? I’m still trying to grasp that in its totality, but the part that I finally get, I want to share with y’all!

You know what? I think this should suffice for a reacquainting post don’t y’all think?  Plus, I need to save a lil’ something for y’all to come back for NEXT WEEK!…and make sure you do, because I’m bringing company with me! 

Cultivating a Life of Peace – Pt. 1

8 thoughts on “Cultivating a Life of Peace – Pt. 1

  1. Nancy Randle says:

    What a enticing precursor! I believe that the world that we are living in certainly calls for Peace. And at times, as women, our lives seem to be in the same turmoil as our nation. Heaven forbid 😫! So, not only is my appetite whet…but my excitement is through the stratosphere! CANNOT WAIT!
    Nancy Alayne💋


  2. Rachelle Cobb says:

    This is so amazing!! And so refreshing to see the transparency of real godly women talk about real issues that speak life and peace to other men and women , Mattie you are an inspiration to all of us and to the world you are amazing, keep writing!! I see a book!!


  3. Danay Alicia says:

    That sure is food for thought & I praise God because He has given you peace. As if your story could be more compelling, to add to that you’re such a vivid writer that I believe a book would be a page turner. so don’t short yourself. 😘


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