Finding Him In It

WHEW…what a week ALREADY!! I’ve got a heavy school load, had some car troubles, and been forced to face this stone cold fact – The determining factor for which side of eternity we stand on is ONE BREATH!  Regardless of how many we’ve taken, or how many we have yet to take, ONE has been designated as the last.  (Too early for this kind of talk? Stick it out, it gets better!!!)

I don’t intend to have the mortality conversation right now; it’s just too much for me to tackle at the moment but in light of “too much to tackle” let’s talk about some of the things life forces us to deal with.  As a worshiper, wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, friend, student, and entrepreneur I come across my fair share of obstacles.  For instance, One of my deepest desires is to see my children avoid some of the pitfalls I encountered, but for some ODD reason, I have not been as successful as I’d hoped.  Sometimes I even think, “Ok, maybe if I tell him/her to go ahead and do this foolish thing they’re thinking about doing, they’ll do the OPPOSITE… since that seems to be the friggin pattern!” SMH. Don’t get me wrong, God has blessed me with beautiful, talented, AMAZING children, but I’d be lying if I told y’all that they were less foolish than the rest of these Grow(ing)-Ups!

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                                          Christopher (21), Danay (19), and Montel (18) 

Another unavoidable hurdle is that of balancing my schedules so that no one and nothing suffers loss.  Between my quiet time alone with God, quality time with my husband, availability to my children, diligence in my school work, stewardship over my entrepreneurial endeavors, faithfulness to ministry opportunities, and proper self-care (which could stand to steal a few minutes from some of the aforementioned categories!) a Sistah is OFTEN drained! As much as all of these things add to my life, they all require intentionality in my approach to them…I have to be intentional about seeing to EACH ONE.

So, this is where the phrase “It’s not about what you know, but who you know” becomes more real than EVER!  On my own, I could NEVER accomplish all the things on my To-Do List, but did you notice where my list starts? Yep, I get alone with Him…in fact, on the rare occasion that something else sneaks in and jumps the line in front of Him, it becomes obvious to anyone who really knows me, because I’m just not right without that time.  The reason is this – during our quiet morning moments, I’m reminded of what a massive part of my world He makes up…He’s my EVERYTHING!! With that being the case, it is easier for me to view all of the things I face daily, through the lens of Christ; in other words, it’s easier for me to see evidence of His presence in it all.

I remember being in a pretty uncomfortable situation that, at that moment, couldn’t be avoided.  I walked into the restroom of the house I was at and began to complain to God.  As clear today as it was that day when He first spoke it to me, He said: “Find me in it.”  Just that simple, but abso-LUTELY profound!! From that day forward I’ve practiced the art of searching Him out in everything I face…children making foolish decisions? “Oh what a testimony you’re going to give them out of this!!” Car stalling? “God I thank you SO MUCH for whatever you just protected us from out here in these streets!” Heavy school load? “Thank you for teaching me endurance Father!” When I sit still and look close – I ALWAYS find Him in it!!


Finding Him In It

4 thoughts on “Finding Him In It

  1. Jaborah Edwards says:

    Bless-ed!!!!!!! Yes ma’am. Yes ma’am. Totally it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeees!!! That daily….–like totally “my LIFE is not my own”. Rest assure that God is not a God of ‘coincidence’ but God is in control!!! Easier to find Him in EVERYTHING!!! When stuff happens, I aint gonna lie, i feel a little weirded out for just a second but then I rejoice in the comfort of greater strength, joy, peace in God’s Sovereignty!!! That time with Him, He reminds me and His Word becomes more and more and more alive to and in me!!! He carries me!!!! Thank you for this Sis!!!! To God be GLORY!!!! I am screaming on the inside! Like Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!

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    1. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS!!!!!!!! Sis, I am SO proud of you for sharing this time!!!! I am beyond grateful just to know you, and am so excited to see the process!!! Love you!


  2. Gerri Zackery says:

    That was great!!! I appreciate that little reminder. Cause I too sometimes feel overwhelmed and it seems like everything come so fast. At our Women’s Ministry the Holy Spirit ministered to us about balance. Just as we take care of the eartly things like our physical bodies we must also care for our spiritual man. God bless you dear!!!! FB Page A Woman of Grace Ministries.

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